House founded in 1926, CRS is today one of the largest beverage companies in Latin America, and a leader in the market of Ciders. Our products are distributed throughout Brazil and are present in more than 40 countries! State-of-the-art equipment guarantees the high quality of the products sold.

Family and work were the hallmarks of CRS's trajectory. From the Italian origin, the family inherited the knowledge and taste for planting grapes. Santo Cereser, the patriarch, landed alone in Brazil in 1886. Two years later, with his wife and children at his side, he started cultivating the Niagara grape and producing artisanal wine.

Among the seven children of the couple, Humberto Cereser stood out and was an important stimulus to the father in the search for a better destination for the family. The example of work and dedication of Santo Cereser and Maria Piacentini, his wife, infected not only his children, but also his grandchildren. Humberto's son, João Cereser, inherited his grandfather's tenacity and his father's entrepreneurial drive.

This entrepreneurial spirit and João's tenacity were present when, when personally delivering part of the annual harvest, the client industry gave up on the business due to the economic difficulties they faced. It was 1926 and João Cereser saw an opportunity in the possible crisis. Thus, the Santa Isabel Wine Industry was founded, origin of the industrial group led today by CRS.

Decades later, CRS keeps its roots and the history of its founders alive. It is in the tradition of work, in family unity and in the search for product excellence that the foundations of one of the largest beverage companies in Latin America are founded.