Cortezano is a vermouth with the distinctive taste of the harmonic, balanced mix of imported aromatic herbs. Produced since the 1940s, this is the oldest vermouth in this country.

Sweetness, bitterness and the taste of fruits and peels play with palate in the mouth. Just like every drink that tends to be bitter, Cortezano is preferred by those whose palate is more refined.

Cortezano can be consumed alone, on the rocks, with a lemon rind, an orange rind, a cherry, an olive or a scallion for cocktails. Diluting it with sparkling water or soda turns it refreshing and aromatic.

Rosso and Bianco versions are essential ingredients of classic drinks as well as modern drinks made with vodka, icecream, soda, seasonal fruits, brandy and other distillate beverages, as Traçado, for instance, popularly known in Mid-West, based on the mix of 88 Old Cesar with Red Vermouth Cortezano.


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